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These mirror mounts are designed specifically for the RSV4 that thread into the bars, however the thread is the same as that used in bars going back to 2000. They may also be installed in earlier RSVs and Tuonos to allow mounting of CRG bar end mirrors if the OEM weight is removed. This 2-piece design consists of bodies CNC machined from billet steel and replaceable polymer buttons that act as the sliding surface. An 8mm hex recess is located at the end of the body under the button so that that a hex key socket can be used to torque these to factory spec. The button then screws onto the body. Once mounted these have the same appearance as our other mirror mounts. Please select button style and finish when ordering.

Kit contains 2 threaded mirror mounts with choice of buttons, stainless fasteners for the buttons, and 2 RhinoMoto logo stickers.


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Additional information

Weight.9 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 1 in
Button Style

Flat Buttons, Round Buttons, Tapered Buttons


Black Powdercoat Finish, Stainless Steel Finish


  1. John Patrick

    I purchased these from AF1 racing for my 2017 Tuono. Very easy to install and fit perfectly. On one side I mounted CRG blindsight mirror with no problem. HOWEVER, on the other side when I tried mounting the CRG Hindsight mirror (larger, w/ thicker/wider bar clamp) it wouldn’t fit in the groove. I used a file to remove material on both sides of the mirror recess and managed to wedge the bar clamp in, and finish seating it by torquing the pieces down and thereby pulling them together. What should’ve taken 5 minutes, took an hour and a lot of filing. A dremel would’ve sped up the process but would still have been tough. Lastly, due to weighing significantly less than stock bar-end weights, there’s a stronger buzz in my handlebars. It’s not super noticeable at first, but my hands got tingly after a short, fast paced, high-revving, spirited blast through some canyons. I’m talkin 14-15 minutes. That’s NEVER happened to me on this bike. So I will have to put the stock weights back on for the track. Probably would’ve anyway, since mirror removal on one side would be equally or more difficult. So, I wish they weighed the same as stock, and I wish the mirror recess was properly sized for any CRG or similar mirror. But all in all, they do what I wanted, which is allow for a screw-in solution to bar-end mirrors on my Tuono. 3.5 out of 5 stars. If the mirror had fit, 4.5 out of 5. If you don’t mind the small blindsight mirror on both sides, these will work very well for your Tuono or rsv4.

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      We would be glad to measure your parts if you would like us to to solve the issue of the mirror not fitting in the slot. All of our products should accept any mirrors that CRG makes. These mounts are actually heavier than the stock ones. The OEM bar ends weight 52 grams and ours are 160 grams.

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This kit fits the following motorcycles:

ApriliaCaponord2001 - 2007
ApriliaCaponord2014 - 2017
ApriliaDorsoduro2009 - 2020
ApriliaFalco2001 - 2003
ApriliaMana 8502008 - 2015
ApriliaRST2001 - 2004
ApriliaRSV1998 - 2009
ApriliaRSV42009 - 2023
ApriliaRSVR2009 - 2019
ApriliaShiver2007 - 2016
ApriliaTuareg 6602022
ApriliaTuono2002 - 2010
ApriliaTuono 6602021 - 2023
ApriliaTuono V42011 - 2023